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EtherCAT protocol for Simulink

Use Speedgoat real-time solutions to implement EtherCAT protocol connectivity with MATLAB & Simulink. Using the Simulink Real-Time workflow and Speedgoat hardware, you can use a wide range of industrial protocols like Ethernet for Control Automation Technlogy (EtherCAT) with your real-time application. Speedgoat products provide seamless integration of EtherCAT master and EtherCAT slave communications with the MathWorks product family (e.g. MATLAB, Simulink, Simulink Test and Simulink Real-Time).

The ideal solution to interface Simulink with motor servo drives, power controllers, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) and many other industrial equipment using EtherCAT protocol communications.

Support for EtherCAT Master is provided as standard with real-time target machines. In addition, Speedgoat provides versatile support for EtherCAT Master and EtherCAT Slave with a range of dedicated I/O modules (see selection guide below). All solutions come with Simulink driver blocks. For further information see Support for Ethernet-based Protocols.

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EtherCAT protocol for Simulink

About EtherCAT

EtherCAT (Ethernet for Control Automation Technology) is a high performance Ethernet Master/Slave fieldbus system suitable for hard and soft real-time use in automation technology. It has short data update times, low communication jitter (for synchronization applications) and low hardware costs.

Selection Guide - EtherCAT Master

In addition to EtherCAT, these I/O modules also support Ethernet, Real-time UDP, and PTP.

IO710 1 port Performance real-time target machine
IO712 2 ports Performance real-time target machine
IO713 4 ports Performance real-time target machine
IO715 4 ports Performance, Mobile, and Baseline real-time target machine
IO791 2 ports Mobile, Baseline, and Unit real-time target machine

Selection Guide - EtherCAT Slave

IO750 1 port PCI, PCIe and mPCIe form factors available
IO750-32 4 ports / 32 nodes Multi-node simulator I/O module: 32 network controller chip with a full network stack


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