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Speedgoat and MathWorks events help to evaluate the best real-time solution for your needs. You'll get exposed to the MathWorks - Speedgoat workflow and test the latest software and hardware products. You can also experience the latest Speedgoat innovations by contacting us for a personalized Speedgoat demo.

Contact us to discuss your specific needs with a Speedgoat representative.


We exhibit at events all around the world. Check if we're coming to your area.

Next Events

There is no Upcoming Events

Recorded Webinars (watch anytime)

Date Title Location
09-May-2019 Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) Testing of Battery Management System (BMS) using Simulink Real-Time and Speedgoat target hardware Online
07-June-2018 Model-Based Design to Build and Validate Your Control System for an Industrial PLC using Simulink Online
27-March-2018 Webinar: Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing for power electronics systems modeled in Simulink Online
21-September-2017 Model and Simulate Automotive Systems Using Powertrain Blockset Online
24-August-2017 Webinar: CPU, FPGA, and I/O Solutions for Real-Time Simulation and Testing with Simulink Online
19-November-2015 Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) Simulation and Testing with Simulink Real-Time and Speedgoat Target Hardware Online
14-July-2015 Power Electronics and Motor Control Prototyping on CPU/FPGA Target Hardware with Simulink Real-Time Online
18-March-2015 Connecting Hardware to Simulink for Real-time Simulation and Testing
04-June-2014 Rapid Prototyping und HiL - Simulation mit Simulink Real-Time Online
10-April-2014 "Using Speedgoat Target Computer Hardware for Simulink Real-Time" webinar hosted by MathWorks and Speedgoat Online
13-February-2013 A Simulink Real-Time Testing Solution for Power Electronics and Motor Control Online

Past Events

Date Title Location
26 - 28-November-2019 SPS IPC Drives 2019 Nuremberg
19-November-2019 MATLAB EXPO 2019 USA USA
13 - 14-November-2019 Electric & Hybrid Aerospace Symposium Cologne
22 - 24-October-2019 Automotive Testing EXPO USA 2019 Novi
02-October-2019 MATLAB EXPO 2019 UNITED KINGDOM Silverstone
29 - 03-October-2019 IEEE ECCE 2019 Baltimore
24 - 26-September-2019 Automotive Testing EXPO China 2019 Shanghai
02 - 05-September-2019 EPE 2019 Genova
02-July-2019 MATLAB EXPO 2019 GERMANY Munich
26-June-2019 MATLAB EXPO 2019 ITALY Rom
25-June-2019 MATLAB EXPO 2019 ITALY Milan
25 - 27-June-2019 Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo 2019 Amsterdam
19 - 21-June-2019 ITEC 2019 Detroit
18-June-2019 MATLAB EXPO 2019 FRANCE Paris
03 - 06-June-2019 CIRED 2019 Madrid
30-May-2019 MATLAB EXPO 2019 SPAIN Bilbao
30-May-2019 MATLAB EXPO 2019 AUSTRALIA Brisbane
29-May-2019 MATLAB EXPO 2019 SPAIN Barcelona
28-May-2019 MATLAB EXPO 2019 CHINA Shanghai
28-May-2019 MATLAB EXPO 2019 JAPAN Tokyo
28-May-2019 MATLAB EXPO 2019 AUSTRALIA Sydney
28-May-2019 MATLAB EXPO 2019 SPAIN Madrid
27 - 30-May-2019 ICPE 2019 - ECCE Bexco, Busan
26-May-2019 MATLAB EXPO 2019 ISRAEL Tel-Aviv
23-May-2019 MATLAB EXPO 2019 AUSTRALIA Melbourne
21-May-2019 MATLAB EXPO 2019 NEW ZEALAND Auckland
21-May-2019 MATLAB EXPO 2019 NETHERLANDS Eindhoven
21 - 23-May-2019 AUTOMOTIVE TESTING EXPO 2019 EUROPE Stuttgart
21-May-2019 MATLAB EXPO 2019 CHINA Beijing
21-May-2019 MATLAB EXPO 2019 DENMARK Aarhus
20 - 22-May-2019 SPACE TECH EXPO USA Pasadena
19-May-2019 MATLAB EXPO 2019 AUSTRALIA Brisbane
16-May-2019 MATLAB EXPO 2019 SWEDEN Stockholm
14-May-2019 MATLAB EXPO 2019 FINLAND Tampere
07 - 09-May-2019 PCIM Europe 2019 Nuremberg
02-May-2019 MathWorks Seminar - Aerospace and Defense Technical Briefing Huntsville
30-April-2019 MATLAB EXPO 2019 INDIA Hyderabad
30-April-2019 MathWorks Automotive Conference USA Plymouth
25-April-2019 MATLAB EXPO 2019 INDIA Bangalore
23-April-2019 MATLAB EXPO 2019 INDIA Pune
23-April-2019 MATLAB EXPO 2019 KOREA Seoul
16 - 17-April-2019 MathWorks Seminar - Mechatronics with MATLAB & Simulink Torrance
11-April-2019 MathWorks Automotive Conference Stuttgart
19 - 20-March-2019 19. Stuttgarter Symposium Stuttgart
17 - 21-March-2019 APEC Anaheim
10 - 12-March-2019 Auto Tech.AD Berlin Berlin
26 - 28-February-2019 EMBEDDED WORLD 2019 Nuremberg
27 - 29-November-2018 SPS IPC Drives 2018 Nuremberg, Germany
06-November-2018 MATLAB EXPO 2018 USA
San Jose, USA
30-October-2018 MATLAB EXPO 2018 Japan Tokyo, Japan
03-October-2018 MATLAB EXPO 2018 United Kingdom Silverstone, UK
27 - 28-September-2018 7. Autotest Fachkonferenz Stuttgart, Germany
23 - 27-September-2018 IEEE ENERGY CONVERSION CONGRESS & EXPO Portland Oregon, USA
17 - 21-September-2018 EPE 2018 Riga, Latvia
03-July-2018 MathWorks Automotive Conference Tokyo, Japan
26-June-2018 MathWorks Automotive Conference Shanghai, China
26-June-2018 MATLAB EXPO 2018 Germany Münich, Germany
21-June-2018 MATLAB EXPO 2018 BELGIUM Gent, Belgium
19-June-2018 MATLAB EXPO 2018 NETHERLANDS Utrecht, Netherlands
19-June-2018 MATLAB EXPO 2018 France Paris, France
13 - 15-June-2018 ITEC 2018 Long Beach, USA
05 - 07-June-2018 PCIM EUROPE Nuremberg, Germany
31-May-2018 MATLAB EXPO 2018 Italy Rom, Italy
30-May-2018 MATLAB EXPO 2018 Spain Barcelona, Spain
29-May-2018 MATLAB EXPO 2018 Italy Milano, Italy
24-May-2018 MATLAB EXPO 2018 Spain Madrid, Spain
23-May-2018 MATLAB EXPO 2018 Sweden Stockholm, Sweden
22-May-2018 MATLAB EXPO 2018 Spain Bilbao, Spain
22-May-2018 MATLAB EXPO 2018 China Beijing, China
20 - 24-May-2018 IPEC 2018 ECCE ASIA Niigata, Japan
15-May-2018 MATLAB EXPO 2018 Finland Helsinki, Finland
02-May-2018 MathWorks Automotive Conference Plymouth, USA
26-April-2018 MATLAB EXPO 2018 India Pune, India
24-April-2018 MATLAB EXPO 2018 India Hyderabad, India
19-April-2018 MATLAB EXPO 2018 India Bangalore, India
17-April-2018 MathWorks Automotive Conference 2018 Stuttgart, Germany
13 - 14-March-2018 18. Internationale Stuttgarter Symposium Stuttgart, Germany
04 - 06-March-2018 Automotive Tech.AD Berlin Berlin, Germany
04 - 08-March-2018 APEC 2018 San Antonio, USA
27 - 01-March-2018 Embedded World 2018 Nuremberg, Germany
07-November-2017 MATLAB EXPO 2017 United States San Jose, USA
31-October-2017 MATLAB EXPO 2017 Japan Tokyo, Japan
04-October-2017 MATLAB EXPO 2017 UK Silverstone, UK
11 - 14-September-2017 EPE 2017 Warsaw, Poland
27-June-2017 MATLAB EXPO 2017 Germany Munich, Germany
22-June-2017 MATLAB EXPO 2017 Switzerland Bern, Switzerland
20-June-2017 MATLAB EXPO 2017 Benelux Eindhoven, Netherlands
20 - 27-June-2017 MATLAB EXPO 2017 China Shanghai & Beijing, China