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Flexible and scalable real-time simulation and testing solutions engineered to your requirements

Developing and testing next-generation control systems requires advanced simulation and measurement technology.

Leverage Speedgoat engineering services for system integration and customized solutions to shorten your product innovation cycle.

Rely on an experienced team of hardware and software experts accompanying your project from the requirement specifications to acceptance testing and commissioning.

"The ability to perform HIL testing allows even the most complex satellite mission operations to be verified on real hardware.”

Tuomas Tikka, Aalto University



Available Services



Tailored Rack Systems

Expedite innovation leveraging full system integration into customized rack solutions comprised of standardized, modular building blocks. Take advantage of ready-to-use systems that integrate all required components for automated testing, rapid control prototyping (RCP), hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing, and commissioning.


⮕ Learn more about Speedgoat rack solutions


FPGA and Protocol Functionality Development

Work with our software engineers to develop and optimize your custom FPGA bitstreams. This allows you to include new communication protocols and enhance I/O functionalities, e.g., pulse counters, custom sensor measurements and emulation, and latency improvements.


⮕ Learn more about Speedgoat FPGA solutions



Signal Conditioning

Adding tailored signal conditioning solutions to the I/O interfaces of your Speedgoat real-time system matches signal levels and ensures full signal integrity. Take advantage of modular signal conditioning circuits, including galvanic isolation, amplifiers, filters, level shifters, and digital transceivers, as well as current and voltage measurements.

Custom Connectivity Solutions

Enhance compatibility and flexibility of your I/O modules using customized connectivity solutions for pin mapping and interfacing, including cables, adapters, terminal boards, and connector panels tailored to your specific pinout. 


⮕ Learn more about Speedgoat cables, adapters, and other accessories



Mechanical Customization

Customized form factors of I/O modules and enclosures or open-frame configurations of real-time target machines guarantee easy mechanical integration of Speedgoat products into your testing system. 




Integration for Custom I/O Modules

Get support for integrating your proprietary I/O module into Simulink® Real-Time™ and take full advantage of the MATLAB®/Simulink® workflow integration. 



Factory and Site Acceptance Testing (FAT & SAT)

Benefit from factory acceptance testing (FAT) and site acceptance testing (SAT) services at your facilities by Speedgoat specialists, including:

  • Testing of all I/O module channels with calibrated equipment
  • Verification of I/O module-specific characteristics, such as voltage-current levels, and signal-to-noise ratio
  • Comprehensive and customized acceptance test report


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