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Accelerate control design innovation and test automation for tomorrow’s mobility.

Automotive engineers use real-time prototyping and testing solutions to accelerate the design and test of robust Electronic Control Unit (ECU) control functions with industry-standard methods, including Rapid control prototyping (RCP), Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) simulation, calibration, measurement, bypassing, and test automation.

The seamless Simulink® workflow integration for desktop and real-time simulation and testing and the flexible and scalable hardware concept enables engineers to leverage our real-time target machines for a broad range of automotive applications and products, including passenger and racing cars and trucks and off-highway vehicles like tractors, excavators or construction machinery. 

“With the Speedgoat system, changing parameters and tuning the system is very easy and straightforward. It saves us a lot of time. There’s no need to re-compile and burn each new version of the control algorithm.”

Eyal Bagon, Senior Director Production Software and Development Coordination at Mobileye


Capabilities for Real-Time Simulation and Testing


Rapid Control Prototyping for your ECU Controls

Quickly iterate and optimize your control designs developed in Simulink® by deploying them to a custom-built target machine directly connected to actual vehicle networks such as CAN, CAN-FD, FlexRay, and all the available sensors and actuators.

Access powerful calibration and diagnostics tools, bypassing workflows, vision support, and supported third-party tools all directly from within Simulink. These tools and capabilities enable you to find issues and successfully implement efficient control strategies early in the development process.


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Rapid Control Prototyping for your ECU controls

Calibration and Measurement using ASAM XCP

Tuning ECU parameters is a crucial, yet often time-consuming step needed to optimize the ECUs behavior with different vehicle configurations.

Measure and calibrate your controls on your real-time target machine early in the development process either directly from within Simulink or by using any third-party tool that supports calibration and measurement via ASAM XCP including CANape and INCA.

This enables you to start calibrating your controls even if the actual ECU is not yet available and saves you valuable time at later development stages.


Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) simulation to test ECU Controls

Automated ECU testing on functionality, quality, and safety with powerful and scalable real-time HIL system. The I/O connectivity enable a direct connection with all the relevant interfaces of the ECU. Combined with specialized modules for battery systems or sensors you can realistically emulate the physical behavior of the vehicle. Additionally, you can cover different types of electrical errors using fault-insertion modules or switch between different test configurations using relay modules

The seamless integration with all MathWorks tools helps you to easily model the behavior of your vehicle by using, for example, the Vehicle Dynamics Blockset™, Powertrain Blockset™, Automated Driving Toolbox™, Simscape Driveline™, Simscape Electrical™, or Vehicle Network Toolbox™. Manage and automate the testing  process from within Simulink using Simulink Test™ or supported third-party tools to save time while ensuring that the ECU meets all of your requirements. 


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Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) simulation to test ECUs

Standalone Operation and Custom User-Interfaces

Leverage industry-established tools such as CANape, INCA, ECU-TEST, or EXAM or create and deploy completely customized user-interfaces using MATLAB App Designer to directly interface with your system.

Coupled with Simulink Real-Time’s support for standalone operation, these options enable you to use your system even without Simulink and MATLAB installed on your development computer.

Standalone Operation and Custom User-Interfaces

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