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Realize your Innovation - The need to increase reliability while reducing risk in Aerospace requires new, yet well-proven solutions for prototyping and testing.

Aerospace and defense industries rely heavily on Speedgoat for Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing because they know that their controllers are only as good as their test case. Development time and costs can be reduced while complying with all requirements using Speedgoat’s reliable solutions for real-time simulation and testing.

As the exclusive hardware provider for Simulink Real-Time™ - The MathWorks’ solution for real-time simulation – Speedgoat real-time target machine solutions provide unrivaled integration with MATLAB® and Simulink®. Leverage the power of Simulink and benefit from Aerospace specific tools (e.g. Aerospace Toolbox, UAV Toolbox) and workflows while complying with certification standards such as DO-178C.

“The ability to perform HIL testing allows even the most complex satellite mission operations to be verified on real hardware.”

Tuomas Tikka, Aalto University


Capabilities for Real-Time Simulation and Testing


Develop, Tune and Test your Controller according to your specifications

The development process of airborne electronic equipment is a critical task. Accelerate development, test controller models against industry requirements using real-time inputs from sensors or the avionic bus, and avoid expensive changes in the final testing stage of the hardware with Rapid Control Prototyping (RCP).

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Develop, Tune and Test your Controller according to your specifications

Systematic Testing of Flight Controllers, Full Scale Simulation and Virtual Testing Environments

Hardware-in-the-Loop testing enables you to run tests and validations in real-time. Test components such as flap actuators or flight control systems and even achieve certification tasks using fully automated testing. The full integration of Simulink with Speedgoat products allows you to test your embedded controller according to DO-178C standards.


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Systematic Testing of Flight Controllers, Full Scale Simulation and Virtual Testing Environments

Data Acquisition, Flight Test Instrumentations

Speedgoat hardware enables you to record data in-flight or during ground testing. You can process data collected in your System Integration Lab (SIL) directly on the target and visualize it in real-time using familiar Simulink tools like Simulation Data Inspector. Save time during flight test campaigns by automatically evaluating raw data, and comparing flight or system performance across multiple runs.


Data Acquisition, Flight Test Instrumentation

Service Contracts to Keep You Up and Running

The development of a new aircraft may take several years. Speedgoat is a longterm partner, providing support throughout the entire duration of your project. Warranty, onsite support, configuration assurance, and consulting will guide you through the duration of your program.


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Service Contracts to Keep You up and Running

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