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Motor & Power Electronics

Electrical and power systems engineers in leading technology companies use Speedgoat products to develop high performance and processor-intensive solutions for power electronic applications. Typical solutions include:

  • Electrical motor controls
  • Power converters
  • Power electronics
  • High Voltage DC (HVDC)
  • PV inverters
  • Regenerative drives
  • Protective grid relays
  • Battery management
  • Supergrids and micro-grids
  • Demand response management

With MathWorks and Speedgoat you can follow a Model-Based Design workflow from concept to hardware verification using industry-standard tools like MATLAB® & Simulink®, Simulink Real-Time™, Simulink Test, Control System Toolbox™ and Simscape Power Systems™; while using various analog I/O and digital I/O together with standard communication protocols like CAN, LIN, PROFIBUS, EtherCAT, Real-time UDP, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, POWERLINK and many more.


Common Applications

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Hardware-in-the-Loop with TI Microcontroller Demo

The HIL demo kit with a TI microcontroller is an excellent starting point to hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing using Simulink and Speedgoat hardware. The demo kit contains a TI microcontroller, an interface for Speedgoat FPGAs, a Simulink model and the documentation to get you started. Learn more about 

This demo kit is part of the MathWorks Simulink Real-Time training.


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PWR-TPI6020 Three-Phase Inverter

Ideal for driving permanent magnet synchronous machines (PMSM), synchronous generators, induction machines, and switched reluctance machines. Easily transition from desktop simulation to electric motor testing using the 1.4 kW motor inverter from Speedgoat. Just connect the PWR-TPI6020 three-phase inverter directly to an electric motor and automatically deploy Simulink control algorithms with Simulink Real-Time and Speedgoat hardware.

The PWR-TPI6020 three-phase inverter module from Speedgoat is fully compatible with Speedgoat FPGA technologies and can also be used as a building-block for different power converters.

Learn more about the Speedgoat Three-Phase Inverter


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