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Innovative industrial equipment and smart factories need a modern development process and powerful testing tools.

The continuous integration of new technologies into industrial equipment and automated plants requires efficient prototyping and fully automated testing. Manufacturers of industrial control systems can deploy model-based designs in real time and interface with any device in a manufacturing plant, from the sensor to the operator level. Automation engineers can quickly develop robust motion control algorithms and test complex PLC applications.

Most industrial interfaces—from Ethernet-based protocols such as PROFINET® and EtherCAT to BiSS, SSI, and EnDat resolver interfaces—can be embedded in your real-time target machine to interface a wide variety of industrial hardware.

"We've been able to design a control algorithm with great performance very quickly. Moreover, automatic code generation enabled us to move directly from design to production code with very few modifications."

Ludwig Albrecht, Manager Basic R&D, HOMAG GmbH


Capabilities for Real-Time Simulation and Testing


Quickly develop and optimize controls for automated applications

Reduce the development time of new industrial control algorithms from adjusting inert systems to controlling high precision motion control and robotics applications. Functions and Simulink blocks from products such as System Identification Toolbox, Control System Toolbox, and Signal Processing Toolbox can be seamlessly included in your real-time simulations.

Connect or embed I/O modules at any development stage—analog or digital modules to drive actuators and inverters and read sensors, or industrial protocol modules to interact with Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs)—providing greater flexibility than other controllers. Acquire and analyze data with Simulation Data Inspector (SDI) to quickly and easily optimize your controller designs.


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Test industrial equipment in real-time with Hardware-in-the-Loop

Industrial equipment needs to be validated throughout all stages of development, from design to pre-commissioning. Digital twins of your hardware components can be designed in Simulink and executed in real-time target machines. Any device, plant, or controller can be emulated and connected for PLC testing and Virtual Commissioning. Machine Learning and Predictive Maintenance algorithms can be tested and optimized without the risk of damaging machinery.

Develop custom Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) to tune parameters and monitor signals with MATLAB App Designer to simplify the work of test engineers. Define advanced test cases and requirements with Simulink Test to enable full test automation, management, and report generation.


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