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Built to Your Needs, Made for Simulink

MathWorks software products are optimized to guarantee the best real-time performance, workflow integration and usability with Simulink Real-Time™, HDL Coder™ and Speedgoat target machines. The latest Simulink and Speedgoat technologies are first supported with this platform.

Speedgoat on the other hand doesn't only build and optimize its target machines for use with Simulink Real-Time and HDL Coder, but also guarantees that each target machine is configured to meet your specific requirements, such as sample rate, I/O, and environmental.

Furthermore, every target machine comes with Simulink driver blocks or FPGA reference designs to configure all installed I/O and protocols functionality. Simulink test models are also provided.

Paired with long-term warranty, maintenance, training, and consulting services from MathWorks and Speedgoat, you benefit from a truly turn-key solution for your next generation projects.

Common Applications

  • Rapid control prototyping including motion controls
  • Embedded controller for small-to-medium scale deployments
  • Desktop hardware-in-the-loop simulation
  • Restbus simulation, calibration, monitoring, and bypassing
  • Education
  • Mobile, field and in-vehicle use
  • Confined areas

Vast Range of I/O Connectivity

Analog I/O modules

Item ID Product Name Description
20191, 2C191 IO191 Analog I/O module with 8x 16-bit analog inputs, 4x 16-bit analog outputs and 16x TTL I/O lines

Digital I/O modules

Item ID Product Name Description
2A292X IO292 Digital I/O module with 24x TTL I/O lines

Configurable FPGA I/O modules*

Item ID Product Name Description
2A391 IO391 FPGA I/O module with 26x TTL I/O lines
2A392 IO392 FPGA I/O module with 13x differential RS422/RS485 I/O lines
2A393 IO393

FPGA I/O module with 14x TLL I/O lines and 6x differential RS422/RS485 I/O lines

*To implement your required channel mix based on the available I/O lines for the following functionality: PWM generation and capture, encoders (absolute, incremental, EnDAT, BiSS), SPI, I2C, SENT, DShot, Cam and Crank, and more.

Simulink-programmable I/O module using HDL Coder

Item ID Product Name Description
2A397 IO397 FPGA I/O module with 14x TTL I/O lines, 4x 16-bit analog inputs and 4x 16-bit analog outputs. Also supports the functionality of configurable FPGA I/O modules

Industrial Protocols

Item ID Product Name Description
20581 IO581 RS232/RS422/RS485 serial communication I/O module
2C641 IO641 PROFIBUS master I/O module
2C642 IO642 PROFIBUS slave I/O module
2C643 IO643 CANopen master I/O Module
2C644 IO644 CANopen slave I/O Module
2D691 IO691 CAN HS and CAN FD I/O module
2D750 IO750 EtherCAT slave I/O module
2D751 IO751 PROFINET master I/O module
2D752 IO752 PROFINET slave I/O module
2D753 IO753 Modbus TCP master I/O module
2D754 IO754 Modbus TCP slave I/O module
2D755 IO755 EtherNet/IP master I/O module
2D756 IO756 EtherNet/IP slave I/O module
2D758 IO758 POWERLINK (slave) I/0 module
2D791 IO791 Ethernet communication I/O module


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