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Accelerate the adoption of your real-time testing solution

Setting up your real-time target machine and integrating the MATLAB® and Simulink® environment is usually a straightforward process.

However, connecting external hardware to the various interfaces of the target machine may sometimes introduce unexpected challenges.

Speed up production time and lower development costs by ensuring your team is comfortable working with real-time simulation and testing solutions.

“Speedgoat's jumpstart workshop was the ideal approach for us to get familiar with their HIL system, as it comprised hands-on exercises. The mentoring was competent and concise and was able to respond to our many questions.”

Stephan Kenzelmann, Principal R&D Engineer, ABB

Speedgoat Jumpstart Workshops are a mix of commissioning, coaching, and consulting, focused on your Real-time target machine components and the MATLAB® and Simulink® Model-Based Design environment.

Learn how to:

  • Interact with an industrial communication network without dropping messages
  • Configure the PWM signal generation
  • Synchronize with various processes and algorithms
  • Log data and visualize signals
  • Structure the application to leverage the full power of the multicore real-time system
  • Transfer data between CPU and FPGA
  • Work with HDL Coder™ and Simulink® Real-Time™

Jumpstart Workshops


Speedgoat Jumpstart Workshops offer you and your team a comprehensive, customized hands-on overview of your Speedgoat hardware.

Workshops are typically held at your facilities, allowing full hardware commissioning, and connection to your external devices.

Optionally, introductory sessions are also available at our offices in Bern (Switzerland), Munich (Germany), Natick (Massachusetts, USA), or online (remote screen sharing session).

Speedgoat Fundamentals Jumpstart Workshop

The Speedgoat Fundamental Jumpstart Workshop provides a comprehensive introduction to the Simulink® Real-Time™ trade environment and Speedgoat hardware workflow. Speedgoat engineers offer an in-depth overview of real-time testing, instrumentation with Simulink® External Mode, MATLAB® API, MATLAB® App Designer, and test automation with Simulink® Test™.

Topics covered during the workshop include the commissioning of your real-time target machine and introduction to the various I/O modules installed on your system, including their drivers, as well as how to connect your external hardware and validate basic operations and external signal conditioning.

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Programmable FPGA Jumpstart Workshop

The Programmable FPGA Jumpstart Workshop introduces the HDL Coder™ workflow, features of Speedgoat FPGA hardware, and the integration with Simulink® Real-Time™.

Speedgoat engineers cover the I/O and capability of the specific FPGA I/O module(s) of your real-time target machine and how to connect your external hardware to validate basic operations, to advanced concepts such as Direct Memory Access (DMA), PCIe data transfer, AMD® Aurora inter-board communication, and the Simscape™ to HDL workflow.

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MathWorks® Training Services


MathWorks® offers in-person instruction or live online training courses on Simulink® Real-Time™, Simulink® Test™, and HDL Coder™, as well as many other products and engineering workflows.

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"The Jumpstart Workshop helped reduce the learning time required for new colleagues to start working in projects with our Speedgoat Machines."

Juan Camilo Garcia Hernandez, Motor Control Engineer for Space Mechanisms, Airbus


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