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Temperature and Strain

Speedgoat offers a range of solutions for the measurement and simulation of temperature and strain measurement devices, such as strain gauges, thermocouples, thermistors and RTDs.

Temperature and Strain

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IO171 Thermocouple, resistive sensors and strain gauge measurement module with 16 channels

External DIN-rail mountable signal conditioning modules are available for applications requiring only a few temperature or strain measurement channels. They are read in to the Real-time target machine using analog inputs, or industrial protocols such as EtherCAT or EtherNet/IP. Please contact us for further information.


(plant simulations with hardware-in-the-loop)

IO925, IO927 High precision resistor simulation I/O module for thermistor simulation with up to 18 channels
IO970 RTD (PT100, PT1000) simulation I/O module with up to 16 channels
IO973 Strain gauge simulator I/O module with 6 channels
IO974 Thermocouple simulator I/O module with up to 32 channels