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User Stories

User stories highlight some of the great projects that our customers are working on. Like Speedgoat products, the user stories span over a wide range of industries and applications from autonomous driving developments (Mobileye), medical devices (IMT),  satellite development (Aalto Univ.) to next generation electrical grids (SuperGrid Institute).

The hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulations are widely used in the energy, automotive, aerospace and consumer electronics industries, among others. Some examples of HIL simulation with Speedgoat solutions are Volvo's human-in-the-loop simulator and AGCO Fendt's state-of-the-art tractor simulator. Examples of rapid control prototyping (RCP) include HVDC power converter development by the SuperGrid Institute, automatic transmission development by ebm-papst and energy harvesting kites by ETH Zurich.

As Speedgoat products are always used together with products from MathWorks, we have also included some MathWorks user stories.

MathWorks User Stories