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Expedite innovation via modular real-time systems enabling rapid controls validation and automated digital twin testing.

Consumer electronics products are rapidly evolving and increasingly include advanced controls concepts for hearing, sight and touch, including noise canceling, high precision autofocus controls, optimal battery management, and sensitive touch controls.

Such requirements are further driven by augmented and virtual reality experiences and the rapid advancement of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) measuring acceleration, inertia, pressure, and even smells, and further detecting the environment with ultrasound and lidar technologies.

Rapid technology progress results in short life cycles and the need for a fast time-to-market. Leveraging old embedded hardware in R&D to develop and test novel next-generation control concepts with cumbersome software integration and testing workflows is not an option.

Modular real-time target machines from Speedgoat, providing your required set of I/O and a most seamless MATLAB and Simulink workflow integration are therefore ideal to rapidly verify and validate real-time controls concepts by leveraging them as flexible controllers and digital twin simulators.


Capabilities for Real-Time Simulation and Testing

Design, simulate, test, and improve control algorithms with Rapid Control Prototyping (RCP)

Rapidly verify and validate advanced control loops for your next-generation consumer product, connected with all your sensors, actuators, and controllers such as leveraging analog and digital, SPI, I2C, UART serial, IEPE, or strain gauges I/O interfaces, as well as industrial protocols including CAN, EtherCAT and many more.


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Automate Testing of Controllers with Digital Twins of your Consumer Product

Emulate electrical, multibody, and other physical characteristics of your systems and the complete environment in 2D or 3D on a real-time target machine to create a realistic and accurate test environment for your control hardware using Hardware-in-the-Loop simulation.

HIL allows you to quickly validate the functionality, quality, and safety of your new electronics product in a virtual environment. Offerings include scalable solutions from small desktop systems to complete rack integrations, and a vast range of I/O, emulation your physical sensors and actuator interfaces.


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