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Speedgoat offers complete kits and configurable systems for every classroom, allowing students to easily gain experience with real-time simulation.

Teach State of the Art Industry Concepts


Why Real-Time Simulation?

Real-Time simulations allow students to work and gather experience on real life applications using Simulink® Real-Time™, a state-of-the-art industry tool. Let your students simulate and control applications such as wind turbines, car engines, photovoltaic, drones and many more without risk in a single environment. 

Rapidly Deploy Control Algorithms

Deploy and test control algorithms on a Speedgoat real-time target machine that is connected to real physical components. 

Ideally suited for student projects like Bachelor or Master Thesis, classrooms, and teaching labs. 


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Simulate Plant Models

Give your students the possibility to control real-life applications that are simulated on Speedgoat real-time target machines. Ideal for practical work in your laboratories.


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Visual System Representation 

The MathWorks Model-Based Design (MBD) approach supports students in their learning process through visual system representation. 


⮕ Learn more about Model Based Design (MDB)


“If you know how to use Simulink® you know how to use Simulink® Real-Time™ and Speedgoat”

Patric Schenk, CCO at Speedgoat


Typical Use Cases




Why Speedgoat Is the Ideal Solution for Students and Lecturers:


 Provide Industry Experience

Provide Industry Experience 

Enable students to control and test real applications and bring them into contact with proven industry concepts like MBD, RCP, and HIL. 


Ready to Use Configurations

Ready to Use Configurations

Speedgoat provides ready-to-use configurations for laboratories and teaching purposes. Systems can also be individually configured to your needs.


Seamlessly Integrated

Seamlessly Integrated

Stay within the MATLAB® environment and deploy Simulink® models to the real-time target machine with a click of a button.


Use Built-In Instrumentation 

Use Built-In Instrumentation 

Use Simulink to tune and log signals during run time. Compare the results of the desktop and real-time simulation with the Simulation Data Inspector (SDI).


Turnkey Solutions

Turnkey Solutions for your latest MATLAB® Release 

Use the latest features from MATLAB®/Simulink®. Simulink® Real-Time™ and Speedgoat hardware always enable the use of the newest MATLAB®/Simulink® Release.




Academic institutions can obtain dedicated, cost-effective hardware products.


Reuse Hardware

Reuse Hardware

By using different models, the hardware can be reused for a variety of applications. Use the same hardware for HIL and RCP and different domains like Mechatronics, Automotive, and many more.


Specifically Configured for Your Course

Real-time target machines and various interface modules from Speedgoat offer modularity and flexibility to adapt to specific needs for teaching while keeping the workflow seamless integrated into MATLAB®/Simulink®. An academic discount for our commercial product line-up and dedicated academic hardware is offered to academic institutions.

Configuration Examples


A variety of real-time target machines and interfaces allows Speedgoat to provide a system configured
specifically to the need of a research project while keeping later expansion possible.


Available Demo Kits


A variety of demo kits help you and your students get started with real-time simulations.



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Other Academic Solutions


Solutions for Researchers

Accelarate the development of your research project by leveraging the model-based design workflow with real time simulation solutions from Speedgoat.

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At Speedgoat, we support great projects that benefit both parties. Do not hesitate and get in touch with us to further discuss your idea.

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