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At Speedgoat we provide you solutions for your classroom and research projects. 

Our solutions for Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) simulation, Rapid Control Prototyping  (RCP) and testing propels research projects and enables students to gain experience for their future career. We are proud of our close collaboration with students, professors and researchers. Together, we bring innovation to the classroom and the research lab.


As a trusted partner for universities and research organizations worldwide, our hardware solutions can be scaled and expanded at any time. We have special discount offerings for our academic customers.

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Our flexible and modular solutions as well as dedicated hardware packages for education offer the perfect solution for classrooms. As the official hardware provider for Simulink Real-Time, we offer a seamless integrated workflow, thus ensuring a truly hands-on teaching experience

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We are proud to work with students and faculty working on exciting next generation technology.

We support great project ideas and believe, that together, we can work on great technological breakthroughs. We provide you with the technological know-how to make your project a success.

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