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Test and automate testing of large-scale industrial plants and networks with hundreds or thousands of nodes leveraging real protocol interconnects, provided by hardware chips that are used in millions of embedded devices.

Simulate complete plants more accurately and realistically than ever before:

  • Ships and submarines
  • Process machinery
  • Train networks
  • Wind farms
  • Solar parks
  • Tidal arrays
  • Power grids

Industrial protocols currently supported are PROFIBUS, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT and Modbus TCP

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Multi-Node HIL Simulator for Virtual Commissioning


Leverage IO642-32 (PROFIBUS), IO752-32 (PROFINET), IO754-32 (Modbus), or IO756-32 (EtherNet/IP) multi-node simulator I/O modules installed into Mobile real-time target machines

  • Each I/O module allows the simulation of 32 slave nodes. Each node has its own network controller chip with full slave protocol stack
  • Up to four multi-node simulation I/O modules can be installed per Mobile real-time target machine to provide up to 128 nodes
  • Multiple interconnected Mobile real-time target machines form a large industrial network with thousands of nodes
  • Protocol network and functionality configurable using Speedgoat Simulink driver blocks

Real-time application designed with Simulink and Simscape products, accurately simulating your plant, running on the CPU of the Mobile real-time target machine, or running on one or multiple inter-connected Performance real-time target machines with Intel CPUs or even FPGAs

Key benefits when compared to software-only virtual simulators

Combine several multi-node I/O modules to create large industrial networks with multiple industrial protocol networks. This solution has several advantages when compared with a software-only virtual simulator:

  • Nodes run in real-time with parallel execution
  • Each node is completely independent
  • Network collisions can happen in the same way as on a real bus
  • Component failure can be simulated by shutting down a node
  • Complete Model-based Design workflow from Simulink including full application integration and automated code generation



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