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Are you working on large-scale industrial installations, infrastructure or systems like production plants, ships, machinery, wind farms, solar parks, power grids, tunnels or train networks? Are you looking for ways to test the control systems of such plants in the lab?

These large-scale industrial system networks have multiple field devices like sensors, and machines, connected to a programmable logic controller (PLC). Speedgoat multi-node simulator emulates these field devices and their interfaces, which are for e.g., industrial protocols like PROFIBUS, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP and Modbus TCP. Each emulated field device, represents a physical network device

Benefit from Speedgoat modular solutions allowing you to combine several multi-node I/O modules to create large industrial networks with multiple industrial protocol networks. This solution has several advantages when compared to a software-only virtual simulator:

  • The nodes can run independently in real-time with parallel execution

  • Network collisions can happen in the same way as on a real bus

  • Component failure can be simulated by shutting down a node

  • Complete Model-based Design workflow from Simulink can be used, along with full application integration and automated code generation

Selection Guide

Speedgoat products offer a broad range of industrial protocols to set up a custom multi-node simulator. These come along with the Mobile target machine.

  • One Mobile target machine can house up to four multi-node simulator I/O modules

  • Multiple Mobile target machines can be interconnected and synchronized to provide an endless number of network devices and interfaces to enable the simulation of bigger networks

  • Depending on your application, you could have your Mobile target machine configured as a combination of multi-node simulator I/O modules along with other I/O modules compatible with the mobile target machine

  • The protocol network and functionality are configurable using Speedgoat Simulink driver blocks


Protocol I/O module Supported System Number of slave nodes
PROFIBUS® IO642-32 Mobile 32
PROFINET® IO752-32 Mobile 32
Modbus TCP IO754-32 Mobile 32
EtherNet/IPTM IO756-32 Mobile 32




Test Automation

Use Simulink TestTM to automatically validate the PLC’s functional, reliability, and safety requirements under normal and edge cases.

⮕ Learn more about Test Automation

PLC Testing using Hardware-in-the-loop testing



PLC Testing using Hardware-in-the-loop testing

Add new field devices or slave nodes to the existing network before deploying the industrial plant using the multi-node simulator. The PLC can be tested using hardware-in-the-loop testing.

⮕ Learn more about PLC Testing using hardware-in-the-loop testing

Virtual Commissioning

Virtual commissioning allows testing of the operational plant with a digital twin in a virtual environment. This allows for faster commissioning and reduces the risk of damaging the machinery compared to testing with the plant itself.

⮕ Learn more about Virtual Commissioning




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