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Formula Student Sponsoring

Supporting Formula Student teams to master model-based design, controller design, and testing since 2016

Formula Student Sponsoring - Season 2021/22

Dear Formula Student teams!

We will support selected teams also for the 2021/22 Formula Student season. You can receive a Unit or Baseline real-time target machine, including three years of technical support, software updates, and ramp-up training.

Leverage the tight integration with Simulink® and Simulink Real-Time™, and use Speedgoat real-time target machines as a central control unit or plant simulator. Additionally, an open-frame configuration is available to allow for tight vehicle integration based on your lightweight custom housing.

To benefit from this offer, submit your application in PDF format (max. five pages) by October 10th at the very latest. We will announce the winners shortly after. In addition, you may use our team email address for further queries: formulastudent[at]


Your application needs to address at least these points:

  • What controls or hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing solutions are you currently using? Why is Speedgoat your preferred solution? What alternative solutions are you considering? 
  • What are your detailed plans using Speedgoat solutions for the upcoming seasons? What communication protocols are you leveraging. Thus, what I/O modules do you require?
  • Submit proof that you are designing controllers using Simulink. Outline how you will build on top of that by sharing your upcoming development goals.
  • Will you be ready to acknowledge the support you receive by adding Speedgoat’s logo on your car and your materials?

We wish you the best of luck!



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