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Ever increasing complexity of buildings, transportation networks, natural resource, and energy supply systems require progressive monitoring and control systems for safe and long-lasting operation.

Advancements in Civil Engineering have led to shorter build times and increased safety and reliability. Reduce your time to market and increase the quality and reliability of your products with flexible and powerful real-time simulation and testing solutions. MathWorks modeling and simulation tools, combined with Speedgoat real-time testing hardware, enable easy data acquisition from real world scenarios. Virtual Commissioning provides efficient verification of safety and monitoring systems for large buildings, highways, railroad tunnels, considering feasibility, standard conformance, environmental issues, energy savings, and more.

"Solutions from Speedgoat have been pivotal towards the success of complex real-time hybrid simulations at the NHERI Lehigh Experimental Facility."

Thomas M. Marullo, NHERI Lehigh Research Scientist at Lehigh University


Capabilities for Real-Time Simulation and Testing


Develop, tune, and test new control strategies for your embedded controller

Rapidly develop and test safety-critical control algorithms for construction machinery, traffic controls, elevators, or building automation. The flexible prototyping platform allows for the seamless deployment of your Simulink® design, and the hardware offers I/Os to real world sensors such as strain gauges, thermocouples, and seismometers. Eliminate expensive and time-consuming hardware development iterations by applying rapid control prototyping systems.


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Automate testing of your embedded controllers, multi-domain physical and environmental simulation

Automatically test the functionality, quality, and safety of your embedded controller with powerful and scalable real-time testing platforms. Execute the physical and environmental behavior of your system in real world conditions. With an extensive portfolio of I/O modules available, emulate all the sensors and interfaces typically used to monitor civil engineering systems. Also, enable automated testing of electrical errors using fault-insertion modules or switch between different test configurations using relay modules.


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Virtual commissioning, training, and human-in-the-loop simulation

Efficiently verify the safety and monitoring systems of large buildings, highways, or railroad tunnels with hundreds of possible physical field network nodes. And use the same system to simulate many fault conditions or to train your staff to operate machines or rescue workers for emergency scenarios.


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Data Acquisition

Trace environmental data from real world factors such as acceleration, strain, wind, or seismic forces acting on bridges, tunnels, and skyscrapers. Distributed data acquisition from Speedgoat provides real-time and offline data processing capabilities from within Matlab® and Simulink®.


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Frequent Application Use Cases


The high flexibility and expandability of Speedgoat systems combined with the broad range of MATLAB & Simulink toolboxes,
as well as supported third-party solutions, make Speedgoat the ideal platform for your use case.



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