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IO622: FlexRay I/O Module

FlexRay I/O Module with Simulink driver blocks

The powerful IO622 along with the proven Elektrobit EB tresos Busmirror configuration tool offers a leading development environment for rest bus simulation of complete FlexRay networks. Communication between the IO622 and the Speedgoat real-time target machine is via a fast and low latency EtherCAT protocol link.

To connect the IO622 with your real-time target machine, a spare Ethernet port supporting EtherCAT Master is required.

Item ID Product Name Components
2A622 IO622
  • 1 x IO622 I/O module including FlexRay and EtherCAT extension I/O modules
  • Driver block library for Simulink Real-Time™
  • EB tresos Busmirror Run-time for FlexRay (pre-installed)
  • EtherCAT Configuration license

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IO622 FlexRay I/O Module

Included in delivery

  • I/O module
  • EB tresos Busmirror Run-time for FlexRay
  • EtherCAT Configuration license
  • Simulink driver blocks
  • Test models
  • Comprehensive documentation

Supported target machines


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