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Speedgoat Newsletter - October 2018

New IO334 FPGA I/O module for HIL testing of power electronics and motor controls

Run Simulink® and Simscape models directly on FPGAs with the IO334 programmable FPGA I/O module, specifically designed for high-end power electronic applications with multiple analog and digital I/Os.

Key features of the IO334 programmable FPGA I/O module:

  • Optimized to run Simulink models in native floating-point and fixed-point
  • Closed-loop bandwidths of several MHz
  • High-speed analog inputs and outputs
  • Interconnect multiple FPGAs using lowest latency links
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New HIL Testing Platform for Battery Management Systems (BMS)

You can now run Simscape and Simulink battery models for BMS HIL testing. The IO991 battery emulator I/O module is a scalable test platform for BMS development, ideal for emulation of multiple battery packs.

Key features of the IO991 battery emulator I/O module:

  • Multiple battery channels can be stacked in series and parallel
  • Source-to-load and battery charging emulation
  • Independent power and sense lines
  • Seamless integration with Simulink Real-Time
A high-impedance battery measurement solution is also available.

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Watch now the new recorded webinar about ECU calibration and bypassing with XCP

Learn how to use XCP for bypassing and calibration of ECUs using Speedgoat hardware. The recorded webinar covers the following topics:

  • Virtual calibration of ECUs using third party software such as Vector CANape, and ETAS INCA
  • ECU functions bypassing with signals generated by Speedgoat Real-time target machines
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Read the new user story about the GreenTeam

Formula Student racing success achieved through powertrain innovation

The formula student racing team from the University of Stuttgart, GreenTeam, chose Speedgoat's Baseline real-time target machine with Simulink Real-Time to accelerate the development of their fully-electric racing car. GreenTeam achieved several victories in the 2016/2017 season, including 1st place in the prestigious Hockenheim race.

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