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Speedgoat Newsletter - November 2016

Speedgoat HIL simulator

New IO342 Kintex UltraScale FPGA I/O module with fiber optic and 5 Gsps analog I/O

New Simulink programmable IO342 FPGA I/O module provides up to 1.45 million logic cells, up to 16 fiber optic ports with Xilinx Aurora support, and analog I/O supporting up to 5 Gsps.

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I/O and protocols support

User Story: SuperGrid Institute

SuperGrid Institute in France is developing highly efficient and extremely compact DC-DC power converters to enable greater use of renewable energy sources.

Leveraging automated VHDL code generation from Simulink and multiple Aurora interconnected Simulink programmable FPGA I/O modules from Speedgoat, the team successfully tested the 100 kW DC-DC power converter with an efficiency of 98% within one year after design start.

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I/O and protocols support

Lowest latency Xilinx Aurora interconnect for all Kintex 7 FPGA I/O modules now available

For applications with most demanding closed-loop sample rates also requiring lots of analog and digital I/O, new Kintex 7 Simulink programmable FPGA I/O modules now support lowest latency high speed Xilinx Aurora interconnects.

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I/O and protocols support

New Speedgoat Offices

We're pleased to announce the opening of two new Speedgoat offices. Our headquarters are in a brand new building which gives us plenty of room for expansion. In addition, we now have a dedicated sales office for North America, very close to the MathWorks headquarters in Natick near Boston.

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