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Speedgoat Newsletter - June 2018

New Webinar: Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing for power electronics using Speedgoat FPGAs

Learn today how to perform HIL testing of a motor and inverter at a 1 µs time-step using Simulink programmable FPGAs from Speedgoat. Topics covered include:

  • Why using FPGAs for HIL testing of power electronics
  • How to target Speedgoat programmable FPGAs with HDL Coder
  • How to run native floating-point models on FPGAs
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Designing and testing CAN FD networks with Simulink just got easier

New Speedgoat IO611 and IO613 I/O modules now also support CAN FD. And new IO612 and IO614 I/O modules now support up to four high-speed CAN ports per module. Designed for Simulink Real-Time, these modules let you setup CAN, CAN FD, and LIN networks in Simulink with just a few clicks.

New CAN I/O modules feature:
  • CAN FD with baud rates up to 8 Mbit/s, and CAN 2.0A/B compliance
  • Up to four high-speed CAN ports per module
  • Additional LIN, SAE J1939, and XCP over CAN support
  • Seamless integration with Simulink Real-Time
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A MathWorks look-and-feel for Speedgoat documentation

Experience seamless integration of Simulink Real-Time and Speedgoat documentations, both within MATLAB and online.

The new Speedgoat documentation features:

  • A MathWorks look-and-feel
  • MATLAB Help integration
  • Crosslinks with Simulink Real-Time from R2018a
  • Improved experience for mobile users
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New user story: CERN 

Reaching unprecedented energy from particle colliders with nanometer precision control

CERN is using Speedgoat products to develop particle beam alignment controllers for next generation particle accelerators. Nanometer precision will enable the new linear collider to reach unprecedented energy from electron and positron collisions.

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