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Speedgoat Newsletter - July 2017

Baseline real-time target machine

NEW: Baseline real-time target machine

Fast, Compact, Rugged, and Expandable

Looking for a cost-effective, compact target machine ideal for office, lab, field, and in-vehicle use, configured to your I/O and sample rate needs, and built for use with Simulink?

The new Baseline real-time target machine is available now.

Key capabilities

  • Powerful quad-core Intel CPU and Xilinx Kintex FPGAs with native floating point and fixed point support: achieve closed-loop sample rates up to the MHz range
  • Tightly integrated, seamless Simulink workflow experience
  • Vast range of analog, digital, and communications protocol types supported by over 100 selectable I/O modules
  • For rapid control, DSP, and vision prototyping and hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation

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I/O and protocols support

Hands-On Simulink Real-Time Training with Baseline real-time target machine

New two-day MathWorks training course, now available world-wide, provides a thorough hands-on experience using the Baseline real-time target machine, Simulink Real-Time, and Simulink Test together with motor control and hardware-in-the-loop demo hardware, to rapidly test, develop, and validate controls and plant simulations.

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Rapid control prototyping of  HuMoTech's ankle-foot prothesis

New User Story: HuMoTech Prosthesis

Increasing mobility for people with below-knee amputation using a robotic ankle-foot prosthesis

HuMoTech is developing a robotic ankle-foot prosthesis using Speedgoat target computers and Simulink Real-Time. According to CEO and founder, Josh Caputo, Speedgoat offers "a perfect combination of performance, customizability, modularity, a reasonable price point, integration with MATLAB & Simulink, and excellent support”.

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Speedgoat: real-time simulation and testing
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