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Speedgoat Newsletter - December 2018

Simplify HIL Development
New Products to Emulate Plant Components

Use Simulink® and Simscape together with Speedgoat real-time solutions to simplify hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing and virtual commissioning. Emulate industrial components such as encoders, synchros, resolvers, relays, thermistors, and more.

Learn more about new products:

  • IO973: A strain-gauge emulation I/O module
  • IO974: A thermocouple emulation I/O module
  • IO991: A battery simulation I/O module ideal for HIL testing of battery controllers or BMS
  • Multi-node simulators: ideal for HIL testing of distributed control systems with PLCs and other fieldbus devices
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Watch the New Recorded Webinar About Real-Time Driver-in-the-Loop Simulators Now

Reduce development time of ADAS and autonomous driving features by using a driving simulator to test out multiple driving scenarios before deploying control algorithms on the road.

Key topics of the webinar are:

  • An introduction to the Vehicle Dynamics Blockset and the Unreal Engine® interface for visualizing driving scenarios
  • Creation of a real-time simulator with Speedgoat hardware and Simulink Real-Time
  • Set up of a driving simulator with pedal and steering wheel hardware for driver-in-the-loop testing

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Reduce Sensor Noise Around Electrical Systems: SENT J2716 Protocol is Now Supported

Sensors and actuators using the SENT SAE-J2716 protocol provide electromagnetic immunity; this makes them a good alternative to analog signals close to EMI sources such as motor drives or inverters. Use Speedgoat SENT Receivers and Transmitters to connect to real SENT sensors and actuators or to emulate SENT devices for HIL testing of electronic control units (ECU).

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